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    "I learned so much from something that I thought I already knew. I've been a Bible-reader and a Christian my entire life. But I am learning to study it in a different way!"

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    In your FREE demo study you will see a short, 2-page, version of an Abidible study. This is just a small piece of the puzzle to give you a taste for how our studies work. You'll get a chance to dive into John 15:9 using the methods we use at Abidible.

    What is it ABIDIBLE all about?

    Abidible is Bible study done for you without doing it for you. We believe you are able to abide in the Bible.

    Our products are designed to help you know and love God by abiding in Him through His Word. We want to help you learn what to do with your Bible yourself so you can hide God's Word in your heart for the rest of your life.